The United Paranormal Project is devoted to the scientific and rational exploration of the paranormal. Our mission is to investigate, document and research a location the best we can while maintaining high ethics and professionalism. We are not Demonologist's. We do not perform cleansing's, smudging's or attempt to rid a location of of any Spirits.

About Us

Eric Glosser, Marty Myers along with Brendan Shay founded the United Paranormal Project in 2011. Both having extensive investigative skills. Glosser is a retired Police Officer with over 23 years of investigative skills in the criminal field and over 8 years in the paranormal field. Myers is also the co-founder of Lost And Found Ohio and has several years of paranormal investigations under his belt. Both have appeared on Paranormal TV Shows such as Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story and the SyFy Chiller series "Spooked the Reality Series". They have both been guests on numerous paranormal radio shows. They were also Host's on their own radio station for nearly two years "The 4 Horsemen Paranormal Radio Show". They both have been speakers at paranormal conferences throughout the United States. With hundreds of paranormal investigations in their resume, they are two very respected personalities in the paranormal field. 

The United Paranormal Project also manages private ghost hunts, public ghost hunts and tours at the Twin City Opera House located in McConnelsville, OH (seen on My Ghost Story and the SyFy Chiller Channel), the Old Licking County Jail in Newark, Ohio (seen on Ghost Adventures and Aftershocks) and the Bryn Du Mansion in Granville, Ohio. We have also appeared on My Ghost Story on the BIO Channel a second time for an Investigation at the Junction City Ohio Police Department in which we found the answer to the question of what Spirit was causing the Police Officers and Chief so much grief. 

 Full Episode of Ghost Adventures at the Old Licking County Jail in Newark, Ohio (No Commercials)