John Sutphin Jones



John Sutphin Jones

1849 January 4th – Born in Washington Courthouse, Fayette County, Ohio

1884 - He was a brakeman, a freight conductor, then a passenger conductor on the Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad.

1884 Nov. 22nd - First Marriage: Sarah Fedelia Follett, daughter of Dr. Alfred Follett.

1890 – Jones purchased the Congo Coal Co. in Hocking County, his first Ohio venture.

1890 – Jones became a division superintendent of a railroad in upper Wisconsin.

1895 – The Jones & Adams Coal Company was formed in Chicago, Illinois.

1898 – Jones 8 year lawsuit against the New York Coal & Railroad Consortium resulted in a $700,000 judgment against the consortium. Jones, and agent for the consortium, had charged it with defrauding him of holdings rightfully his. The award is said to be the foundation of Jones’ fortune.

1903 - Jones has methodically and quietly acquired all of the real estate in a two square block area west of Monomy Place (corner of Mulberry and Broadway). Later in 1924 Denison University acknowledged Jones for fulfilling a verbal promise made to President Hunt to “hold the land until such time it could be purchased by the college”.

1905 - Jones purchased The McCune Villa from Burkham family and renamed the estate Bryn Du, pronounced Bryn “Dee” – Welsh for Dark Hills after his Welsh heritage. Jones hires architect Frank L. Packard of Columbus to renovate the Italianate Villa to its now Georgian/Federal style. This took almost 5 years to complete.

1908 – 1920 - Continued to acquire the land and amassed a holding of 1 ½ miles east to west – from Cherry Valley to Granger. North from Welsh Hills Road to Newark Rd to the south. A boundary of 8 miles.

1910 – Jones wife Sarah dies in the Mansion from Cancer.

1911 June- Jones is entertaining Alice Baxter Bartlett of Chicago and her daughter, Frances at the annual horse show. Later that same weekend they attend the dance at the country club.

1911 August 11th - Jones and Alice wed; Jones immediately adopts Frances.

1911 – Jones founded the Sunday Creek Coal Company

1912 - Sarah Jane Jones is born – known as Sallie.

1917 - Alice Virginia Jones is born – known as Jinny.

1920 – Jones began extensive land development in Naples, Florida.

1920 – His adopted daughter Frances who marries William G. E. Tytus, an executive at the Sunday Creek Coal Company.

1923 – Jones became the Director at the Huntington Bank in Granville, Ohio.

1924 – Jones purchased the Granville Times Newspaper.

1925 – Jones again hires Frank L. Packard to design and build the Granville Inn.

1926 – Jones hires Douglas Ross to design and build the Granville Golf Course.

1927 June 22nd – Jones dies at Grant Hospital in Columbus, Ohio after a six week illness.

1929 November – Governor Cooper overseen the Viaduct dedication ceremony to John Sutphin Jones in Granville, Ohio.